Cheryl Boglioli at Learning the Art Life™
Cheryl Boglioli

Cheryl is a mixed-media and fiber artist on the leading edge of new products and techniques within the various disciplines of the ever-growing market. Cheryl works with many manufacturers in the Art Materials Industry as a Creative Professional, Designer, and Educator. As a full-time Artist with an intuitive painting style, a love for texture, and a passion for teaching, you can find Cheryl Living the Art Life ™, traveling and teaching workshops internationally at independent stores and events as well as online at




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Keri Sallee teacher at Learning the Art Life
Keri Sallee

Keri Sallee has always been a lover of all things creative. From crafting to cooking to music, her brain has always worked just a little differently. 

Although she went to school for music ministry and is a classically trained soprano, her creativity took a new turn after her son was born and she was introduced to scrapbooking and paper crafting. From there her love of all things messy, bright and fun began to bloom. While her main focus is the world of faith art and bible journaling, she enjoys all forms of hands-on creativity and is always looking for new things to play with. (Just look at her studio! LOL)

Keri has lived in Northwest Arkansas for almost 18 years with her loving and supportive family: her hubby of 20 years, Kendall, son KJ (19), daughters Kylee (15) and Khloe (13) and a couple of lazy and cuddling English Bulldogs - Bubba and Blaze.

When she isn't using her creative muscles, she is using her leg for her first 100 mile ultra marathon, scheduled July 2023.



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Laura Tarquinio headshot for Learning the Art Life™
Laura Tarquinio

Laura Tarquinio is a watercolor artist living in Florida. Her love of art is deep and goes back to her childhood. She took as many art classes as she could while in school, attended a year of art college, then got a “real” job in the corporate world. In 2009 her life changed when she started working with national watercolor artist, Terry Madden. He and his wife Judy became her mentors. They not only taught her how to paint, but also how to teach. In the beginning she traveled to different locations teaching watercolor and later opened her own studio, DaVinci’s Palette. In 2020 she closed her studio and moved to online classes, giving her the ability to reach more students. 

Laura uses bold color reflecting her surroundings in Florida. Subjects like the beach, water birds, and all things tropical are common themes in her paintings. Commissions are available in her Etsy store. Laura teaches with a positive attitude and patience. She believes anyone and everyone who has the desire can paint.

Rebekah Meier - Learning the Art Life
Rebekah Meier

Rebekah is a mixed-media collage and fiber artist. With her background in fiber and the desire to spread her wings, she starting adding paper and paint to her creations. The pairing of fabric, paper, fiber, paint & ink, and embroidery, led to the start of her journey with mixed media and fabric art. The foundation for her Fabric Art Collage and More Fabric Art Collage books. Today her work reflects years of skills and techniques she has acquired, combining all to create her art. 

When it comes to Rebekah’s passions and knowledge, she truly loves to create. She has partnered and designed award winning programs for companies to bring product lines to market and bring awareness to the crafting world. 

These days Rebekah enjoys sharing her knowledge teaching on-line classes.




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Kassandra Laurence profile pic for Learning the Art Life™
Kassandra Laurence

Kassy loves all the art. She is an art journaler and mixed media artist who loves to push the boundaries and try new things. She became obsessed with paper crafting more than 20 years ago and never looked back. Kassy also has a passion for teaching other creatives to try new things and be BRAVE when faced with a blank page. She is an expert of bridging the gap between the paper craft and fine art worlds to see what can be created together with you! 


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